Bad habits of learner driver

Learners under driving training often grow some bad habits during their tenure of learning. The instructors at driving training centre in Adelaide need to assert measures to help students getting out of such practices to avoid serious consequences. Many often it has been found that the learners do take some hand at riding vehicles on their own with the assistance of friends, relatives, and parents before joining a driving school. They are found quite experiencedthe but the major problem is that most of them grow some common bad habits that should be eliminated as early as possible to ensure that they remain safe and learn the lessons properly. The instructors at the reputed driving training centre in Adelaide have noticed one or more of the following bad habits in their new learners.

Not Allowing Passage to the Pedestrians

The commonest mistake that learners make during their driving training is that most of the times they fail to allow sufficient passage for the pedestrians to walk through comfortably. The most probable reason may be that they do not know the measures to allow the passage. Whether you are driving on the main road or a side road, it is the rule to notice the people walking on road or crossing streets and allow sufficient space for them to move freely. This is important for safety of the pedestrians as well as the driver. Not following the rule can be hazardous as you may end up hurting someone seriously.

Extreme Tailgating

As per the general rule, every driver should leave at least a gap of 3 seconds from the vehicles driving in the front. However, the mistake that the drivers commit is that they maintain the minimal gap of just 3 seconds. In case of sudden halt by the car in the front, you may damage both yours and his car. This also leads to the loss of P’s license in addition to paying penalty for the damage.

Disregard for the Highest Speed Limit Regulations

Most new learners are not aware of the highest speed limit permissible for them. They even have the notion that they can exceed the speed to another 5km above the recommended limit. Driving at a low speed or at least the normal speed ensures that you get a minimum hurt in case of a sudden collision. If your speed is greater, the accidents can be life-threatening and the serious hurt risks mainly involve the skull, ribs and spine injury. Eliminating the above mentioned bad habits in the learners is extremely essential at least before; they step in for defensive driving courses.

If you consider taking up driving as a full time or part time profession, it becomes even more important to discard these loops to achieve maximum benefits from the defensive driving learning at the driving training centre in Adelaide. It is the duty of the instructors and practical driving trainer to guide the students through these core areas to make them habituated with safe driving for overall convenience.

About Author: Adelaide Driving Academy is the premier driving school based in the city. Equipped with best training cars and safety accessories, the institution has been delivering lessons to beginners and even the most advanced drivers. By virtue of their excellent record of accomplishment in the business since 2002, the company has now become one of the best driving schools in Adelaide and has acquired the membership of Australian Driver Trainers Association.

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